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    Brant Bjork
    Punk Rock Guilt (blue vinyl)


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    Brant Bjork, Indyvisuals (Αθήνα) http://on.fb.me/VS9TBW


  5. It takes a woman’s womb to make a Christ or Dalai Lama,
    The world might take that child, turn that child into a monster
    The Lord’ll take a monster and fashion him a saint,
    I present you Malcolm X for those who saying that he can’t.
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    Queens of the Stone Age

    Josh Homme, Alfredo Hernandez, Nick Oliveri



  7. Elway - Kristina's Last Song

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    Elway // Kristina’s Last Song

    Fuck no I wont miss you, I’ve got some other shit to do. God damn, it’s about time I move on with my life. Dust off your shoes son, we’re going out to have some fun. It’s all good now. 



  8. John Grady smiled. Horse of my dreams, he said. It aint exactly like that.

    How is it then?

    I dont know. I think it’s just somethin you like. Or dont like. You can add up all of a horse’s good points on a sheet of paper and it still wont tell you whether you’ll like the horse or not.

    What about if you add up all his bad ones?

    I dont know. I’d say you’d probably done made up your mind at that point.


    "Cities of the Plain", Cormac McCarthy

    True of horses, true of people.

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    15th Annual Drive-Invasion Poster by WacomZombie

    If you’re in the Southeast and you didn’t go to Drive Invasion this year, shame on you. I got hit in the face with an inflatable cockroach, bit a hole in my cheek, and probably lost a few decibels of hearing range in just a few hours. It’s the best.


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    thanks mr. reaper, i’ll try!

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    Jon Snodgrass at Larimer Lounge, Denver


  12. I don’t know why I thought this tiny CVS would have Fruity Pebbles at 9 PM on a Thursday. I fucked up.


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  14. They can never take the energy inside you were born with/Knowing that, understand you could never be poor/You already won the war, you were born rich.
    — El-P on the track “A Christmas Fucking Miracle” (via doctorshawki)