1. Weezer - Only In Dreams

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    You can’t avoid her. 
    She’s in the air.
    In between molecules of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide

    I’m at that shitty point where every Weezer song is relatable, so it’s going to show up on my dash a lot. Woops.


  2. peachpup:

    bowling alley carpet

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  3. youwillneverknowitwasme:

    • Go to the link
    • Put in your url
    • Listen to all the music you once reblogged.
    • Enjoy & Listen!

    So much QOTSA and El-P on mine.


  4. Lucero - Nights Like These

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  6. vipersinthebosom:

    Eddie Hazel with his momma.


  7. koenema:

    Lord Quas


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  9. Weezer - Why Bother?

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    Why Bother | Weezer

    "I’ve known a lot of girls before, what’s the harm in knowing one more?"


  10. phalloidequeen:

    Promo shot, can’t believe that today this picture is a collector’s item

    What is Fredo even wearing.

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  11. mondoholic:

    Queens of the Stone Age - “Millionaire” w/ Nick Oliveri Live @ the Keller Auditorium (04/15/2014)

    This makes me very, very happy.

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    Reigning Sound - Stormy Weather

    These dudes are coming into town a few days before I move into my apartment, so I should actually be able to make it this time. Super stoked.



  15. queencityfamilyman:

    Next up on the Melancholy Christmas Countdown: “Grateful for Christmas” by the underrated Hayes Carll.

    I think writing too much about why this song resonates with me would cause me to choke up, so I’ll say this…None of these Christmases are perfect, but that’s so rarely what matters. As hard as things can be, around the holidays or otherwise, I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t grateful for Christmas.

    "…So let’s all gather ‘round. Dad, you say the blessing / Aunt Jane, she fell asleep, Mary Kay forgot the dressing / We got all our friends and family here / And I’m grateful for Christmas this year…"

    I missed posting this song around Christmas, but it still stands as one of my favorites of the season. Reminds me of Christmas when I was a kid.