1. Joey Cape & Tony Sly - International You Day

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    But without you, my life is incomplete,
    My days are absolutely grey.
    And so I try, let your heart know for sure
    That I have so much more to tell you every single day.


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  4. kanye west - huh

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  8. Weezer - Only In Dreams

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    You can’t avoid her. 
    She’s in the air.
    In between molecules of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide

    I’m at that shitty point where every Weezer song is relatable, so it’s going to show up on my dash a lot. Woops.


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    bowling alley carpet

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    • Go to the link
    • Put in your url
    • Listen to all the music you once reblogged.
    • Enjoy & Listen!

    So much QOTSA and El-P on mine.


  11. Lucero - Nights Like These

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    Eddie Hazel with his momma.


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    Lord Quas


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