1. Morphine - Buena

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    Morphine - “Buena”

    Since I met the devil I ain’t been the same oh no…


  2. "In the Court of the Crimson King" bootleg from Poland.


  3. King Crimson - Starless

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    Track - Starless
    Artist - King Crimson
    Album - Red


  4. El-P - T.O.J.

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    And you can tell that maybe time is out of joint, my love
    So this is maybe just an SOS shrapnel, an echo of dead sentiment

    Measurement tossed to nothing for no one, a wasted effort, a shrug

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  5. daghe:

    Yeezus - San Jose Ca 


  6. luke-h:

    My My - Reigning Sound - Shattered

    This is a perfect dusty road summer rocker.

    I don’t claim to be lucky in love/That don’t stop me from lovin to roll the dice


  7. vinyl-artwork:

    Strawbs ‎– Grave New World (1972)

    Front Cover painting by William Blake

    Full Album


  8. King Crimson - Moonchild

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    Moonchild | King Crimson


  9. I’m writing about Melvins in this college essay. I don’t know how I came to this.


  10. My sister has this record. I am the embodiment of jealousy.


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  12. Fatso Jetson - Fucked Up And Famous

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    Fatso Jetson - Fucked up and Famous



  14. soadchopsueyfan:


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  15. blackwaxway:

    Brant Bjork
    Punk Rock Guilt (blue vinyl)